I have always enjoyed the company of horses, they have, from an early age, been an integral part of my life. I strive to treat with respect the creature that has served us more than any other animal in the history of mankind, and which with its beauty, grace and magic has been an exciting source of inspiration.
As a rider, the art of classical riding has been my greatest interest and challenge. The partnership between horse and rider, working as one, is no better illustrated than by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Their recent visit to the Royal Welsh Show gave me the opportunity to produce a series of sketches and drawings portraying the harmony between the riders and their baroque horses performing high school movements.
‘Three Riders’ - acrylic on canvas - 150 x 200 cms
‘Four Riders’ - graphite on paper - 150 x 230 cms
‘Caballos’ - acrylic on canvas - 100 x 100 cms
Three Riders - £3,500.00
Four Riders - £3,000.00
Caballos - £1,800.00